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Thursday, April 30, 2009 11:59 PM

Both me & hubby were on leave todae. main reason y we took leave was because we had to register lil' boi for his nursery. initially i didnt knew we had to register this early. but after askin around, i was told registration had started & it's best to go soonest possible so that we can ensure he will get a place else, he will b on waiting list. even e branch which we register lil' boi in is fully booked for e mrn class. damn fast ryt.

Niwae, by 10am we went off to e school which is just blocks awae from our house. register him in & after we were done, we were off to our next destination which we had planned to go, Jurong Bird Park. we had wanted to go to e Zoo actuali but tinkin back, we had been there 3 times already. since me & hubby ourselves haven't been to JBP, we decided to explore e place. virgin trip for us 3. =)

Reached around 1130am & toured e place for a whole 2 hours. i find e place ok2 la. surprisingly, it was crowded coz there were many tourists around. we were all filin weak since we didnt had any breakfast. therefore by 2pluz we headed down to Jurong Point next for our late lunch at PizzaHut. after filin our stomachs & no other plan in mind, we decided to head home to slip.

Met my brother earlier at 8pluz who came to our block as he wanted to take sumtin from me. we talked for almost an hour. to be honest, i reali miz him. we were never close before my marriage. im always quarellin with him. haha. but well, i gues we are both mature now ya. n im glad, we can relate better now. no matter wat, he's owaes my flesh & blood. =)

Ok now, enough blabberin. pixies tym!

ps: for those of u who had never seen my bro, here's a pic of him...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 11:48 PM

Earlier after werk went to have dinner wif my colleagues. those present were me, grace, candace, reena, sunny & kel. since tomoro is reena's last dae we tot of mitin up for a celebration. yep celebration ok not farewell. coz it seems she's heppy leavin. haha.

Went to Thai Express at Esplanade. reena was lyk tellin me, "lunch come here, dinner also come here". hahaha. itz ok la babe, as long as we had fun. n we sure did, i guez we were e noisiest in there, laffin lyk nobody business. hehh

Finished at 8pluz & they decided to have a drink at a nearby pub. of coz, i didnt tagged along as lil' boi was waiting for me at home. so parted ways wif dem & cabbed back home.

Ok now, juz some pixies. njoy while i go mit alice in wonderland. =P

11:50 AM

Im gettin lazier to update nowadays, da kene virus dari fira ah. haha. lemme c, been busy wif werk this week. back home i'll usually laze around watch tv for a while before falling aslip at 10pluz, 11pm. dat is consider early la since i usually turn in only after 12am. bleargh. idk y im filin so0o lethargic this whole week. da mcm org keje mover. -__-

The weather is playing games again now, 1 min it will b so0o hot & the next min, it will start to rain heavily. i noe i shuden be complaining so much but then again, i wish the weather will be consistent. that wae, ppl won't fall sick easily true?

Im am very excited todae, wana noe y? coz my long weekend starts tomoro! reali cant wait. well guez i'll just get myself busy now. toodles!

Monday, April 27, 2009 10:30 AM

Life is full of challenges. To me, every challenge that we manage to overcome will make us a stronger person. I've been facing this particular challenge for 4 years now, i've become so used to it. I'm sure i'm strong enough to overcome all this. Insyallah.

I asked hubby a very impt qn last nyt;

"Have u ever regret marrying me?"

His ans?

Let's just say, it definitely put a smile on my face.

I luv u by, n i'm sure we will pull through this together.



Ever since we bought lil' boi a drum set last sat, he's been on it almost every min when he's at home! can see he's really interested in playin drums. is there any drum course for toddlers? haha. jokin2. if it's really his interest i don't mind him becoming a drummer when he grows up later. ok not really a full time drummer la kan, nk mampos ke. nk maju ape drummer kt spore? haha. what i mean is, u noe, jamming or perhaps even join a band. never know ryt? hmm ok im tinkin way far ahead i guess?


Sunday, April 26, 2009 10:12 PM

Me & hubby went to get our hair done earlier. i dyed my hair while he highlited his hair. e result? canot mek it for me!! haha. itz nice but its to0o0 bright. sure canot mek it for werk. for hubby no problem want la. so ya, sadly i wil have to re-colour my hair. to sumtin a bit darker. before dat wil juz let u guys have a sneak peak of our hair ok.

ps: mine luk like orange ryt but in real life itz very yellow. i dono y in pics it luk like diz. mayb coz of e flash i guez.

10:50 AM

My saturdae was great. woke up at 10pluz, did e laundry, woke lil' boi up & later by 1130am we were both set to go out. went to POSB branch at central first to set up a POSBkids account for lil' boi. been wantin to do for so long but just didnt had e tym to. so yeah, now he has a account i dun have to worry bout his mthly sch fees wen he starts skulin later. =)

Had breakfast cum lunch at Mac later & then cabbed down to pungol plaza for his class. as usual class ended at 245pm & we den met my mum n off to compass point. there were alot of sales goin on so it was reali crowded. bought for my mum a sandal from Scholls & a same pair of beg for me & her. also bought for my dad a shoe. could c e smile on their face which made me so heppy.

Went back to my sis hous afterwhich me & lil' boi fell aslip. i was awaken by my bro who just came back & woke me up. rindu la tu. hahahahha! hubby came to fetched us at 6pluz & we den went to Vivo as i wanted to get a shoe from PrimaVera. i juz love e shoes there. very comfortable. went to ToyRus next & then off to east coast for hubby's futsal game. lil' boi was havin so much fun playin wif e guys there. It was home swit home by 1130pm. so freakin tired lor.

Lil' boi & hubby stil aslip now. not sure if we are goin out todae. else, wil juz rot at home i guess. bleargh. gtg now, dhaa!

Saturday, April 25, 2009 1:53 AM


Me, fira & yunira decided to gave her a mini surprise earlier at ard 11pm. venue was at fira's crib. me & yun were hiding in e kitchen wen titi came in. haha. super cute la dat part. she insisted we sang for her a bdae song, tk tau malu bena! haha. guess wat happened after dat? cake fyt! hahaha. we sabo-ed e bdae gerl den she not satisfied she sabo-ed us back. LOL!

Titi & yun left at ard 113pm while me & lil' boi finally left at 12am. cabbed home & it freakin cost me 20bucks la ok! forgot der was a midnyt charge. tsk2. home swit home at 1220am. super duper tired lor.

Waiting for hubby to buy me supper now, suddenly hungry ler! oh ya btw, since i knocked off from werk at 430pm earlier (yest i mean), we decided to watch 17 Again. n yes, e show damn nice! Zac was soo0o0 cute la. *melt*

Arrrgh cant stand e humidity, gona shower now!

Friday, April 24, 2009 6:58 AM

Good morning earthlings!

It's only 7am & here I am at werk, got OT la babe. but it's ok, i come in at 7am & later i'll be knocking off at 430pm. cant wait! will b goin for a movie date wif hubby later. *wink*

Aniwae im not sure if it's just me but have u guys realized how humid e weather is nowadays?? ok2 i don't wana b a complain queen but seriously, it's just so0o0 hot & stuffy! i will owaes tie up my hair now, even while slipin la ok! ish. last nyt it was simply too hot i showered at 12am, wifout turnin on e water heater sumore. still, i fil so hot afta dat.


The weekend is finally here & my pay in is babey! wooohoooO! oh2, got my bonus as well this mth. puas ati la babe! haha. now, cant wait to do wonders to my hair. im still tinkin if i shud colour or highlite it. just cant make up my mind. i asked several people & all is giving me diff ans. peneng2.

Ok now, gona start gettin bz. have a great weekend k ppl!

Thursday, April 23, 2009 11:34 AM


Just 2 more months and he wil turn 3. As of now, we are pretty much heppy wif his development. A bright lil' boi who learn tings very fast. He loves reading, will owaes ask me, hubby, his uncles or grandma to read for him daily. Singing & playin balls is still his fav hobby. Believe it or not, he can memorize e lyrics to 2 malay songs now. hehe.

He no longer wear diapers when he's at home. I'm still trying to train him from not wearing it when he's outside & sliping. for now if i bring him downstairs to play or to e shop for about an hr i wun wear for him diapers n so far it's ok. will start tryin when we bring him out & c how. however for sliping part it's kinda hard. im not sure how to start. i mean, do i have to wake him up every hour & ask if he wana pee? but if dat wae he sure wun go back to slip after dat ryt. hmm reali confuse. any tips??

So far I only have 1 problem wif him & dat is e wae he talks. i tink he hears alot so sumtyms he wil tend to sae all e tings he's not supposed to. wif me & hubby he wun dare to sae it infront of us but wif e rest, he wil juz shoot his mouth. but cant blame him also ryt. well i juz hope sooner or later he will grow to understand all these tingz.

Ryt now me & hubby are still tinking if we gona throw a party for him diz year. 2 more mths to tink, will c how.

N oh btw, guess what dat lil' boi ans when we ask him wat he wants for his bdae?


*shake head*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 12:41 PM

Yest had OT from 6pm - 8pm. Lucky fira accompanied me otp, we spoke til it was tym for me to leave. haha. thnx eh babe, laen kali aku OT aku kol kau agi k. =P

Hubby came to fetched me & he went off to werk after dat. as usual, played wif lil' boi til 10pluz before putting him to slip. while waiting for hubby to reached home i watched suci again on youtube, just to kill tym. diz whole week episode is really heart pain to watch. grrr!

On a totaly diff note, i need some opinion on wat to do wif my hair! itz gettin haywire, again. i wana do treatment/colouring/straiten all 1 shot can?? how ah. mayb, i'll colour & straiten it 1st but not sure if dat can be done together. ala stress ah, nk botak ah!

2nd dae of Mr Red Lyt, super pain la my tummy!!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009 8:58 AM

Have u ever, at any point in ur life, where u just fil lyk giving up everyting & simply vanish?

Where u can just snap ur fingers & dissapear from e world?

Sadly, that's how im filing now. i dono y but my mood has been reali moody nowadays. 1 min i'll b laffin & jokin awae while e oder min, i can just break down & cry.

I dono why/what is causing me to fil this way but somehow, i just wished im not here. or better still, not born at all. noe what i mean??

No one will understand one...

Sunday, April 19, 2009 10:54 PM

Weekend was well spent wif e family. yest after lil' boi finished his class, we brought him to sengkang swimmin complex since he's been wantin to go swimming for so long. it was syiok to dip in e pool since e weather was freakin hot. we were in der for 2 hours before gettin off e pool. while otw back home lil' boi fell aslip in juz 5 mins. he must had been too tired from skul earlier & swimmin after. but im glad he had fun.

Woke him up at 7pm, showered him & fed him dinner. it was den juz chillin ard til 9pluz before me & hubby got ready to go out for our movie date at town. we reached cineleisure at 10pluz, collected our tickets & juz walked ard town til 1130pm before mekin our wae to e cinema. oh btw, we watched The Sniper. super luv e show la! damn nice can?!

E show ended at 130am & we headed back home strait after dat. we were both so tired lor. lil' boi initially was slipin wif e grandma but upon seeing our bedroom lights on, he got up & wanted to slip wif me & hubby instead. so cute la dat boi.

While todae hubby was werkin e mrn shift & me n lil' boi woke up at 11am. accompanied mama to e market & later at 1pluz, me hubby & lil' boi went out to faz weddin at punggol. faz was my nursin mate back in 2005. saw my oder nursin mates der, miza, wan & dan. ben so0o0o long since i last saw dem. miz doz skul daes.

Faz was super gorgeous, n i luv e deco; red, black & wyt. upon reaching we took a pic wif e bride & groom first before eatin. soon e couple left for deir photoshoot i guez. we left at ard 330pm afterwhich accompanied hubby to attend his last call & back home. e 3 of us fell aslip til 7pm. confirm mlm susa tdo. kwang3

Werk tomoro, gona go iron clothes now. pixies tym!

Friday, April 17, 2009 4:04 PM

The weekend is finally here, dono y diz week i juz dun fil it. been too bz til i lost track of e days. bleargh. honestly i juz fil lyk slipin thruout e weekend, too tired to even go out. but it wil b a waste isn't it. for office ppl like me weekend means alot to us ok. so of coz muz mek full use of it hor? -__-

Yest after werk had a mitin till 830pm. pity hubby, he waited downstairs for almost an hour. reached home ard 9pm & lil' boi was sitted at e dining table wanting to eat. he was so cute can, ask me joined him. so yeah, had dinner together & later he "helped" me cleaned up e room. haha. i was throwing tings into e plastic & he took it out. cekik darah tol tu anak!

By 11pm he was off to slip whereas for me i only managed to slip at 1pluz. remembered wakin up at 4pluz coz my arm was twisted. dun ask me how i slip, i also dono! haha. as usual hubby sent me to werk. initially i tot i wud juz go to werk on my own so dat hubby can slip in longer. but den, i woke up at 730am so canot mek it la. hehh

Just 2 more hours to go. tryin so hard to kip my eyes open!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009 9:24 PM

Fira & titi came over marina square to have lunch wif me earlier todae. we had nasi lemak at err i forgot dat place. hahaha. im sure most of u noe la kan. 1st tym eatin der. not bad. but we all tink e rice were too little. yela tiga3 tank R1 mah. LOL!

After lunch as usual laze ard 1 corner camwhored. it was so freakin hot yet we 3 ladies were at e middle snappin here & der. sugguh un-glam noh! e last pic was reali, burok to e max. u noe'll y later. =P

Went back to werk at 115pm while dey both went off to dhoby ghaut. fridae nyt k ladies, yunira mek urself available pls!

K get ready for e pic of e dae......


9:36 AM

First & foremost,

Thank u so much to babygerl fira for e layout!

It was a total surprise to me la ok dat she actually helped to edit diz layout for me. i didnt even asked her to lor! n dat gerl so clever can, she actually got titi to msged me askin for my blogger pw & so i tot titi wana do sumtin or wtever. wen i talked to fira otp laz nyt she can act blur sumore pretend she dono anitin. later she nudged me on msn sayin itz urgent askin me check my blog. aku ade la da pk bkn2. cukop tym cukop tym. haha.

She knew i like pink & black but she purposely choose wyt & pink instead as she said i shud give my blog a change. kire kn slame nie blog aku dull la eh. haha. im fine wif it though, itz swit isnt it. hopefully diz wil laz. hehe.

I reali cant wait to get a new house. im filin all excited idk y. i noe it wil take months but im juz hopin sumhow we can get it within a month or two? hopefully la kan. ok2 shall not be too excited yet. ade je tk dpt. ish!

I am so0o freakin hungry now. didnt had dinner last nyt. dono y juz dun fil lyk eatin. only had a piece of curry puff & datz it. speakin of which, my bad eatin disorder is back. junk food, fast food almost daily, late dinner. arrgh. now who is to blame? *roll eyes*

Got to go now. 2 more days to e weekend.

*keneng naek2*

Monday, April 13, 2009 2:47 PM

The long weekend was well spent indeed. Im glad watever planned turned out well. just that, didnt managed to mit our dearest titi as she had other plans thruout e weekend. nvm, we shall make it happen diz weekend ok. Mac treat kite jgn lupe titi. ehem. =P

Aniwae, finally me & hubby had applied for a flat. we were actually waiting for the launch of e Half-Yearly Sales of HDB flats which was todae itself. it's just applying first, once e balloting result is out come 2nd May & if we are selected, we will then go down to choose e house. we wil b gettin a flat at Sengkang / Punggol. since hubby werks around dat area, he wana get a house there as well. warez for me im fine wif it of coz since it used to be my hometown so im used to e place. i reali cant wait, i oredi have various plans in mind on how our house gona b like (dat is, if we get it!). hopefully, our dream will bcum reality. Insyallah.

2 more weeks til e next long weekend. im planning on goin for a short holidae nearby. but well, wil c how. lil' boi is skulin every sat so itz kinda hard. or mayb we can go for a nyt? hmm will discuss wif hubby later.

Ok now, back to werk. njoy e rest of e week!

Saturday, April 11, 2009 11:58 PM

Am totally shagged todae, was out for 10hours from 12pm-10pm. first up were to serangoon for breakfast cum lunch. i had wanted to eat e roti john der but sadly e stall was closed. bummer. ate nasi lemak instead which was so-so. bleargh.

Went to punggol next to send lil' boi for his class. had new faces & some of e kids from e previous semester wazen der animore. how sad. i liked e previous kids but well, what to do kan. lucky e teacher is stil e same.

After his class we made our wae to my sis hous at sengkang since it was my 2nd nephew 12th bdae party. we reached kinda early actuali as e party starts only at 4pm. but itz ok, managed to helped here & der. soon e kids started cumin & it was den e cut cake session. e cake super nice la seh, i loike. we stayed til 530pm before mekin a move.

Hubby sent me & lil' boi to dhoby ghaut to mit my babes afterwhich he proceed back home as he had wanted to do his bike. met yana & yaya first as nana was werkin til 7pm. we had a quick dinner at long john before chilling outside cathay while waitin for nana. soon she came at ard 745pm & our camwhoring session started. haha.

Yaya had to leave by 830pm & so left wif us 4. we later went to 7-11 & diz book store juz to find FHM. yana la, kemarok wana c diz bitch in der. we even went to e extend of ripping off e plastic in 7-11. haha. super terok la we all. =P

By 930pm i made a move first since hubby was waiting for me & lil' boi. besides, lil' boi was oredi so tired since he didnt had his afternoon nap. cabbed back home & reached closed to 10pm. accompanied hubby who was stil downstairs before goin up since lil' boi poo-poo. haha. bathed him & since he was too tired he fell aslip shortly after.

Am currently waiting for hubby who is stil not done yet. grrr. ok now, pixies tym!

[Hariz Bdae Party]

[Meet up session wif my babes]

2:49 AM

Todae had actuli planned to go swimmin but it was raining almost e whole dae so gotta cancelled. hubby spent 10hours downstairs doin his bike. i seriously dun understand y dey can spend sucha lo0ong time sitting juz doin e bike. but well, passion la kan. what can i sae.

We went out ard 930pm to yishun to mit fira & yun. titi was supposed to b der as well but she met her frens at town so itz ok. kau owe kite Mac k titi? haha. we had wanted to play bowlin but it was freakin packed so we ditched e idea. ended up roamin ard yishun findin a petrol kiosk & by den it was oredi 11pluz & since yun wanted to catched e last train, we send her to e mrt before proceeding to Al-Ameen for supper.

I swear e food sucks todae, but fira tinks itz nice. ok actuali juz e gravy. haha. we had mee horfun aniwae. bleargh. 1st & e last. by e tym we finished eatin it was 1230am. sent fira back & home swit home for ourselves. lil' boi was so tired he slept in e car. oh well, watz new ryt. hehe

I dono y im stil not slipy yet. mayb itz bcoz i slept in e afternoon from 4pm-630pm. but den again, i nid to wake up early later so i better go to slip now. nytz!

zur[A]dam ; Aniq Nufael