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Monday, March 30, 2009 5:54 PM

"All my life, i've prayed for someone like u..

And I thank god that i, that i finally found u..."


Remember diz song by? itz was & is still our fav love song.. hehe. as days pass by i can c u lovin me more. though u are not e type to sae it out to me, ur actions is enuf to prove ur love to me. i dun mind not hearin u sayin i miss u or i love u dat often coz actions speaks louder den werds.

All i wana sae is.. thank u. thank u for lovin me more den before despite everytin.

I love u & only u.


Sunday, March 29, 2009 11:49 PM

I noe my blog is gettin borin, u dun have to remind me on dat. im juz plain lazy to update nowadaes. niwae, earlier todae went to sentosa wif yun, fira & fadly. wana noe ware we went? siloso beach resort babey! haha. how we ended up der, u dun have to noe. wt matters is, we had alot of fun! a pity for me coz i didnt get to try e jacuzzi. bleargh. nevertherless, it was great. thnx again yun!

Home swit home by 1030pm, hubby was swit to wait for us at e void deck for almoz half an hour. lil' boi aslip now, i wana tuck in soon as well. gotta b early tomoro. ok now, pixies tym!

ps: suke nie 2 anak maen bubble. jelez noh!

Saturday, March 28, 2009 2:33 AM

My fridae nyt wif e ladies was awesome! we camwhored, laff lyk mad, made stoopid jokes & what-nots. 1st tym mitin az, nice mitin u babe!

*wave at az*

I can type down a compo here but i guez im juz gona let e pixies do e talkin. well, pictures speak a thousand werds ryt?


Thursday, March 26, 2009 11:56 PM

My pms is reali takin over me, i am being sucha ____ todae. i get agitated at everytin/everyone, esp lil' boi & hubby. not dat i want to, i fil bad reali. but i juz cant help it. oh well, whoever can?!

Just a short summary of what ive been doin diz week, aside from werk of coz. on tues lynn came over to have lunch wif me, we had pastamania which was my 1st tym fyi. i wud sae i stil prefer pizza hut. haha. borin kn aku nie, aku tau!

Yest after werk me & hubby went to PS to collect his new sim card. we received a $100 hp voucher as well but we find it not worth it. furthermore dey dun reali have a wide selection of phones. booorrriiin.

Met fira & nana earlier tonyt. was supposed to mit fira only but dey bumped into each oder at braddell station thus nana joined us as well. aku & nana harap kn jiran tgl atas bwh tapi jumpe blom tau semingu skali! hahahahah. we had a quick bite at mac & later went to e nearby block to chill ard. by 11pm all headed back home.

I dono wat else to update so i'll stop here. i am freakin slipy now but hubby is downstairs doin his bike & i dun tink i can slip til he's home. by cepat alek!!!!!!

ps: wil b mitin e ladies tomoro nyt, cant wait cant wait! am missin dem so much oredi. yes, dat applies to fira as well doh i juz met her earlier! n babe, gd luck for ur intv tomoro. bliv it anot, i am as xcited as u r. u noe i noe la kan! weeeee~

5:19 PM

I am so, s0o, s0o0, s0o0o tired i fil lyk cryin!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 10:54 AM

I am seriously lackin of slip which is causing me to have headaches everydae. i noe itz my fault for tuckin in bed late every nyt despite knowing e fact dat i have to wake up early every mrn. but sumtyms i just cant help it u c. no matter how tired or slipy i am i will only slip after 12am. -__-

Just randomly i wana thank hubby for sending me to werk everydae since last week. to be honest, datz just not him. haha. usually wen i asked him to send me he will owaes sae he's tired & besides his werkin hours is diff from mine. for him at tyms he goes to werk as late as 12pm ok. but still, i reali appreciate what he's doin for me now. so yeah by, thnx hor. i owe u pipe motor kn? LOL!

Aniwae, derz sutmin or rather someone dat im dissapointed wif who's actually an old fren of mine. well u c, me & her we live far apart. n she has a bf who is a control freak i must sae so dat makes it hard for us to mit as everydae she wil b wif him. so sumtyms wen im near her place i wud ring her up to c if she's ard so dat i can pop by her place. dat happened yest as well. i followed hubby to werk at nyt & later wen we were abt to head back home i decided to give her a call since we were just beside her house. diz tym round she was at home & so i told her im nearby so y not we mit downstairs for a while. she told me she just got home & is very shagged n if i want to mit her i cud just go up to her place. ting is, hubby was shy & didnt wana go up. i told her dat & try gettin her to come down to mit me since u noe, itz been ages since we last met! but she insisted she's tired & so i told her it's ok den.

Hubby den said sumtin which left me tinkin & realized he's ryt. he actually said sumtin lyk;

"U da bagoz dtg blk die nk jumpe still die kasi alasan die penat. klau btol la die pon rindu u ape sala die trn jap. bkn kite suro die dtg blk kite, nie kite da da blk die seh. u pk suda."

Dat left me in silence for a few moment & i gues he's ryt. i've said diz quite a few tyms before, i am sumone who treasure a fren. ive ever quarrel wif hubby juz to mit my frens. but after wt happened last nyt i told myself, izit worth it? here i am, tryin my best to spend tym to mit each & everyone of my old frens doh im married wif a son but do dey care? have dey tried callin me up to sae dey wana mit up? no. itz owaes me havin to kol dem & even so, itz owaes wen im near deir houz only den wil dey mit up wif me. so u noe wt? im tired. reali i am, period.

To hubby, im sowie if before diz u fil i had owaes prioritize my fren before u. wen i tink back, i fil bad. reali. so now e least i can do is to promiz u dat i wun put my frens before u, apart from e usual clan of coz. afterall, i do nid frens ard me dun i? *smile*

Monday, March 23, 2009 4:06 PM


Sunday, March 22, 2009 11:39 PM

Weekend is over once again, honestly i juz dun fil lyk goin to werk tomoro. ahh shucks, i hate diz filin. well aniwae, im glad diz weekend wazen wested lyk laz week. infact it was well spent indeed. i noe itz too early to b sayin diz but im lookin forward to e next weekend. =)

Earlier todae as planned went to siti's weddin at cck. went out at 12pluz & fetched anna at her place 1st. reached der ard 1pluz & soon shiting came wif her bf. so long neva c her. e rest was mia. yaya, kau nie tk dtg bkn nk msg ke kol tau. ape da, aku ade la xcited nk jumpe kau.

E brides & grooms came down ard 2pluz. oh btw, wonder y i said brides & grooms? coz der were 2 couple gettin married todae, siblings. cool shit kn? siti was very gorgeous. we didnt managed to snap any pic wif her doh, too many ppl la! we left after snappin her pics.

Sent anna back & we proceed home ourselves. e rest of e dae were spent chilling ard at home. later at nyt hubby told me to ask lynn whether she stil have e choc cake at home. he very kemarok wana eat it so we went all e wae to hg to meet lynn to eat e cake. hahaha. went home ard 930pm.

Im not in e mood to update further so yeah, juz njoy e pixies.

Saturday, March 21, 2009 11:59 PM

Todae as usual sent lil' boi to his class, hubby was werkin so didnt get to tagged along. todae his class was abit diff, very noisy but fun. haha. next week wil b his last session for diz semester afterwhich der wil b a week break before e 2nd semester starts.

Aniwae after class proceed to CP to mit lynn der for lunch. she was swit to bring me e chocolate cake her mum baked. actuali she brought sum laz nyt but i didnt get to taste it coz sumone finished it up. ehem2 tau2 la sape eh. LOL!

We dine in at banquet before sittin outside CP while waitin for her BF. soon he arrived thus me & lil' boi left to my sis hous. as soon as we arrived he went to slip. talked to fira otp & soon after we hung up i joined lil' boi in his slip til 630pm. syyyiiioookkkk.

Fed lil' boi dinner before mekin a move at ard 7pm. took 88 home & i swear i wanted to vomit coz of e long ride. i juz hate takin a bus for long ride. grrr. hubby fetched us from e bus stop since it was rainin. back home juz laze ard watched tv before hubby knocked off at 10pm. -__-

Tomoro wil b goin to siti's weddin at cck. cant wait to mit e ladies. gona hit e sack now, dhaa!

ps: lil' boi wearin yellow top wif black pants while hubby wearin black top wif yellow pants. cute kn?!! hahahaha!

3:30 AM

After 1 week not seeing each oder, we finaly met up laz nyt. meeting place was at woodlands afterwhich we proceed to Al-Ameen for late dinner. as usual after eatin we'll camwhore lyk crazy & later by 1015pm sent titi back home before heading to sembawang park. juz laze ard talkin, listenin to music & camwhored agn til 1230am before mekin a move.

Otw sending fira & lynn der was a road block n we kena screen. lyk wtf kn. da nmpk ade budak kecik pon nk screen. oh well, morons. we finally reached home at 1am. hubby strait awae went to slip as he's werkin later in e mrn. lil' boi jgn ckp la dlm kreta da slip!

It's oredi 3pluz n sumhw im stil filin fresh, which is very weird. well im gona get myself to slip soon as gota wake up early later. im reali lazy to type further so juz njoy e pixies aitt. have a great weekend!

zur[A]dam ; Aniq Nufael