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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 10:51 AM

In less den 24 hrs it will b a brand new year...2009

2008 has been a roller-coaster ride for me, full of ups & downs. Let us talk abt e downs first shall we..

As sum of u myt noe, durin e 1st half of e year i was in & out of jobs. i left my 9 mhts of job at ayer rajah to werk at Hyatt but unfortunately, it didnt werk out for me. i went to werk at Hyatt for only 1 dae afterwhich i decided not to come back e next day coz seriously, canot make it. was jobless for almost 2 weeks before gettin a new job as an accountant at tanjong pagar. pae was good, but den given my 0% of experience in accounting, made it hard for me to pull thru. juz 1 week & den i was out of job agn.

Next was frens. i lost a fren whom i was close wif for a few mths. tings got worst wif e 'cyber thingy' goin on which of coz, worsen e situation. i wun deny, it sure hurts. havin ppl tyrin so hard to pull me down wif all doz werds. doh i noe wteva was bein said wazen even true to begin wif, still u wil b lying if u said u wun get hurt by such remarks made ryt. oh well, itz over aniwae so no point talkin abt it. besides managed to takled & settled tingz wif dem so, bleargh.

Movin on was my relationship wif hubby. boy it sure wazen a smooth one for e 1st few mths of diz yr. both was us were ego back den, didnt wana give in wenever we quarrel. n i wun deny, i was reali rude before. asek nk lawan balek je ape die ckp. mayb, bcoz of dat & our frequent arguments, he spent moz of his tym wif his frens. i guez i cant blame him for dat. -__-

All of diz, happening in e 1st half of e year. itz lyk, such bad luck was thrown upon me. but sumhw, tings started to get better after dat.

I got myself a job (my current job) almoz immediately after i left my accounting job. i muz sae, i was reali lucky i was choosen coz from wt i heard from my colleague (few days after i started werkin), doz who came for e interview were all wif Diploma etc. But in e end me, an 'N' Level holder, got e job. Alhamdulilah, rezeki anak. n now even afta 8 mths of werkin here, im stil luvin my job each & every dae, never once bored. good pae, good ppl, good environment, happy me!! =)

Moving on is frens. my oh my, ive been talkin abt diz topic a few tyms haven't i? well y shuden i, wen i got great frens ard me. wen i lost a few frens back den, no doubt i was sad. afterall as mentioned before, i was someone who treasured frens so much. so of coz, i ought to fil sad losin my frens. however, im greatful for wteva happened. lyk e malay saying goes, ade hikmah disebalik semua kejadian. n true enuff, i lost a few frens, but i gained a few as well. n before anyone sae anitin, let me juz sae im not someone who dun kenang budi. wteva it is dat is happening now, i reali wana thank her for introducing lyn to me. coz wifout her, me & lyn wud stil be normal bloggers who simply read each oder blog everydae. we wun even be ware we r now. so reali, thank u to you.

Trust me wen i sae diz, ive never luv a fren so much lyk how im luvin lyn & fira (ok fcuk im soundin lyk a lesbo, haha). n before i con't, let me also thank lyn for introducin fira to me. coz same ting, me & fira used to b normal bloggers readin each der blog daily as well. n now luk ware we r nw; me, lyn & fira. doz 2 seriously were der wen im at my lowest, so itz only fair dat i share my joy wif dem as well ryt? unlike some ppl who wud only wana share ur joy but moments ware u were at ur lowest, dey wil simply b MIA. so u c, everytym either one of us is filin down, we wil msg e oder 2, n before we noe it, we wil b calling each oder to drown our sorrows or at tyms, wil mit up to de-stress. now datz wt frens r all abt. as per wt lyn said e oder dae,

"diz wil b a long run ladies". *smile*

Oder den doz 2, e rest of my frens are countable via fingers. yana, nana, yaya, shima, lily, lela. these ppl r stil my good frens, e rest, well stil frens but i wud dare sae, i dun mind losin dem coz dey werent even der wen i needed someone. worst still, mekin use of me juz coz dey noe my weaknesses. haizz

Last but not least, me & hubby. how do i put diz? im juz heppy lukin at our r/s now, reali. itz lyk, after 3 yrs of marriage only now we managed to reali compromise to each oder. 1 ting abt me, everytym we quarrel i wil owaes take it as a lesson & try my best to change. juz dat sumtyms, i will tend to ikot kn perasaan & datz wen we wil start arguing all over again. but den, e laz argument we had laz mth reali, changed everytin. nowadays, he seldom hang out wif his frens animore lyk how he used to. n bez part is, he can now accept my frens & even b frens wif dem. unlike previously, he dun reali like one of a fren whom i was close to & everytym i went out wif her, he wil pull a black face. but now i guez he can c as well how lyn & fira is treatin me derfore he dun mind me hangin out wif dem. at tyms, he even joined in coz he can get along well wif dem. im reali glad.

So der u go, my super long last entry for 2008. my ups & downs for juz diz yr alone. so now, let us sink our sorrows for diz yr & pray for a good year ahead in 2009 shall we..?

Njoy ur countdown ppl! =))

ps: i just received a surprise sms from someone, totaly unexpected! but really, thanks for dat sms. as mentioned, it sure made my dae. heppy new year to u, fren!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 2:39 AM

Earlier ard 7pluz me, hubby, lil' boi & mama went to fetched aya from werk n off to adam road for dinner since aya was cravin for soup otak. since me & hubby had eaten at hm we had sumtin light. hubby had soup daging while i shared prata wif lil' boi. back at hm guez wt? i had diarrhoea! it muz b e prata gravy. bcoz of dat me & hubby cancelled our movie date. besides, hubby was filin kinda lazy so, bleargh.

Ard 11pm afta puttin lil' boi to slip i followed hubby to mama's werkplace to collect sumtin from her colleague before headin to blk 4 next as hubby was mitin farin der. msg-ed lyn to c if she's oredi back since she was out earlier. n juz nice she said she wana go blk 4 to eat. so waited for her but guez wt tym she arrived? 1am. -__-

Accompanied her to eat since my tummy wazen filin good. she seriously very gagah la ok. had 2 piece of chapati & half an hr later ordered anoder plate of prata & papadum. wa piang eh. eat so much still so skinny! &*^$%^&. hahahaha!

We finally left at 2am since urs truly here was filin slipy. but funny ting is, back at hm im not filin even abit slipy, datz y im updatin now. kwang3. but u noe wt, im gona go force myself to slip. i only have 4 hrs of slip lei. help!!!

ps: fira, gi dating senyap je?!! hmmmph!

Monday, December 29, 2008 10:14 AM

I cud fil our love gettin stronger each dae, stronger then before.

Our journey in marriage wasn't a smooth one. however im proud to sae dat thruout our 3 yrs of marriage, now is the period ware we are the strongest. i bliv both of us are mature enuff to settle problems in a much more rational wae. besides, we no longer argue nowadaes, which reali i hope, we will stay diz wae.

I just cant thank u enuff for all e luv u showered upon me all along. n of coz, i wana thank u as well for being not juz a great husband to me, but a great daddy to our son.

I gues i dun nid to sae how much i luv u ryt.... *winks*

Sunday, December 28, 2008 4:14 AM

Hubby wazen werkin yesterdae, which of coz, was very rare since usually every weekend he surely gotta werk. derfore in e mrn we brought lil' boi to e pool since hubby had promised him. went to e 1 at tpy & spent abt an hr pluz der. reached back hm ard 2pm & e 3 of us fell aslip till 430pm. woke up, did e cookin before gettin ready to go out again. diz tym round wif ajan, fira & lyn.

We went to OCC for bowlin. been so long since we laz played bowlin. it was kinda packed, oh well, sat nyt. we played 1 game & by e tym we ended it was oredi 11pm. we planned to go marina barrage next but ended up at kallang instead as hubby was helpin his fren der. we actuali chilled der juz doin craps til 12pluz. since all of us were hungry den, we went to adam rd next for supper. by e tym we finished eatin, it was oredi 130am.

Sent fira & lyn back before headin hm for ourselves. lil' boi as usual fell aslip otw back. by e tym we reached hm it was oredi 230am. itz oreadi 4am now, hubby & lil' boi r sound aslip, im gona go join dem.

Niwae gerlz, more of diz outin ok? ily both.

Friday, December 26, 2008 2:25 AM

Y does christmas have to fall on thursdae instead of fridae? hw i wish my co. is lyk sum oder co. ware fri is a PH as well. i wish..................................

Well aniwae, as usual everytym itz a PH hubby have to werk. worst still, e afternoon shift. bleargh. derfore i decided to mit my GF. initial plan was to mit fira & lyn to e west, but laz min lyn cuden mek it thus i went to admiralty to mit fira at ard 6pm & off to cck since dat gerl wana go cotton on. oh btw, we both co-incidently wore yellow, n e moment we saw each oder we burst out laffin. fira kpo! haha. niwae, at cotton on bought a few tops afterwhich it was lunch cum dinner for me at long john. i told fira i was freakin hungry but end up dat gerl ordered more den me. LOL!

Bought a few more stuffs before mekin a move at ard 8pluz. fira wanted to go hm strait since she's goin dancin2 tonyt derfore i went hm strait. lazed ard at hm & lil' boi went to slip at 12pluz. he slept in less den 5 mins sicne he was freakin tired n besides, he only slept for an hr durin his afternoon nap.

Itz 220am nw, i reali shud get to slip. ade je tk bgn nnt! til e next entry den. dhaa!

ps: lyn & fira, outin for us 3 real soon plz!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 11:33 AM

Despite e distance n time constraints, im so glad n sincerely thankful we're still friends though we have different pavements to walk on. We were 2 of e 4 girls who dreamt big- to travel together, buy a house 1 day etc; even if those dreams remain as dreams, it doeesnt matter cos we will always be friends, n those dreams shall be the memories that will gel us together. U hv always been a gd friend i've ever had. Ur footprints have carved such a perfect significance in my life, i cant thank God enough for sending an angel to shine e light. U've been there through thick n thin n my heartfelt thanks to u, for sticking thru e ups n downs. As much as it gets depressing every yr, n as e saying goes, age is just a number, isnt it wonderful to know that ur still breathing? N e best thing- knowing u have made enough mistakes, that ur old enough to learn frm them, n at e same time, ur still young, young enough that u dont know what lies ahead of u. Thank u so much 4 bein there n here with me. U know me inside out, theres nvr a time that i cant accept ur advises. If i could turn back d hands of time, i'd ask God to make u my sister if he cant make u my bf. I can always count on u. I want to apologise 4 everything that i've done, even if u think i've forgotten to wish u, ur wrong. The reason behind e belated wish is that, if u can survive 1 day of ur 21st yr, u can survive d rest of d 364 days! Ur r 1 of d reason im still strong, n u will b strong 4 urself. Insyallah. I pray 4 ur happiness n success in all d right paths u choose. I love u so much Nazura Bte Mallique. Happy 21st Birthday!

This was wat dat gerl above msg me yesterdae nyt which i swear, brought tears to my eyes. Dat gerl up der, every yr she will owaes wish my birthdae 1 or 2 daes late, n when she finally do msg, it wil b so touchin & swit, juz lyk dat msg above. freakin long huh, blived shud b abt 4-5 pages of sms. hehh.

Dat gerl up der, her name is Lela, my sec sch-mate since sec 1. durin our sec sch yrs, bliv it anot, we always quarrel. i dono y but she juz luv to pick on me. haha. every yr, der wil b tyms ware we dun talk to each oder for few weeks, sumtym mths. but later, we'll stil end up bein seen together.

Wen i left sch at sec 5, we were stil not talkin to each oder, ryt babe? n i dun quite remember how we finally spoke agn, but of coz, i guez we were all mature enuff den we were durin our teenage yrs to noe dat we were juz bein childish back den. haha.

Wteva it is, im missin dat gerl so much. we are both bz wif our own lives now, but atlez, we do stil remember each oder. So babe, pls, set a date for us to mit soon ok? i noe ur schedule r packed, but do set a date aside for us to mit k. dinner soon perhaps?


Tuesday, December 23, 2008 3:51 PM


He got so many nick names, totaly lose count oredi. haha. every mth wifout fail i'll owaes make it a point to wish him a mth older. ppl myt sae im crazy but to me each mth dat he grows older means alot to me. esp since each & every mth he'll change his attitude, reali! ryt now, he is seriously one stubborn lil' boi. juz stay home wif him for 1 dae n u'll noe wt i mean. =)


Aniwae, my leg is stil aching from e bicycle rides i had on sun. i guez it bcoz itz been a reali lo0o0o0ng tym since i laz rode a bicycle & on sun, i cycled for a few tyms goin here & der. it was stil ok actuali but e laz blow was wen i went to e toilet wif lyn at 2am. back at e pit my leg started aching so bad. lyn even had to help me massaged my leg. bcoz of dat, i had difficulty slipin n wen i woke up at ard 7pluz, it got sooo bad i started cryin. yes, dat bad. lyn sungguh terkejot nmpk aku nanges. haha. well, im a crybaby whatttt. =P

Yesterdae hubby helped me to massaged my leg wif minyak panas for 6 tyms la ok. luckily wen i woke up diz mrn it got better n a gd ting hubby sent me to werk. it's stil achin a bit now, but stil bearable. 3 more hrs to go. half dae tomoro & PH e dae afta. but den, fri back to werk. booo!

On a totally diff note, me & hubby is gettin along reali well now everince our laz argument 2 weeks back. basically wt i mean is dat we no longer argue now, not once since dat dae. i reali lyk it diz wae, sungguh aman noh. hehh. letz stay diz wae k by. *wink*

Ok now, gotta finish up my laz bit of werk for e dae. before dat, juz a few pixies from laz fridae nyt outin to mustafa wif lil' boi, hubby, lyn & fira. njoyzzzz!

Monday, December 22, 2008 11:58 PM


N so both of us finally turn 21 todae, 22 Dec. We both weren't only born on e same date but also in e same yr, such co-incidence ryt? n e bez part is, we r now gd frens. all thnx to our dearest lyn of coz. =)

A mth ago we came up wif e plan of celebrating our 21st b'dae together. besides, both of us seldom celebrate birthdaes in e past so diz yr we decided to make it a memorable one for ourselves. for 1 mth we were simply very xcited planning diz & dat. yesterdae, e plan we made finally bcame reality.

We booked a bbq pit at east coast n invited only e closest ones. doh not all made it, at e very least e impt ppl came & datz all dat matter.

E most touchin part was of coz, e cut cake session. me & fira were almoz close to tears standin beside each oder while e rest sang for us e bdae song. blowing e candles & cuttin e cake together, u never knew how xcited we were. after which, e sabo-ing part. ive xptected fira to get sabo-ed by her frens since dey were oredi plannin for it, but as for me, it was totally unexpected. thnx eh gerlz! stil, i luv u all.

Wen e clock strike 12am, me & fira were actuali riding e bicycle back to e pit from e toilet, n we both wished each oder. reali cute la kan. haha. me, hubby, lil' boi, fira, lyn & ajan spent e nyt der while e rest went home. besides, moz gotta werk todae so undastan undastood la kan.

Lil' boi & hubby slept ard 2am but we gerlz slept onli closed to 6am. wt did we do? playing chop-chilli-chop! haha. damn funny la can. n of coz, lying together in e tent talkin non-stop. awww i juz luv doz 2 gerlz la!

We finally went home at 930am diz mrn. all super shagged. back hm me, hubby & lil' boi slept all e wae from 11am - 4pm. super syiok. cud have slept longer but hubby woke me up sayin PIL bought me a cake. went out wif my blur face & dey started singin for me a bdae song wif a cake on e table. reali swit, totaly appreciate it.

Let me juz let e pixies do e talkin now aitt. =))

Afterall i reali wana thank diz 2 ppl:

to lyn, thank u for bein our organizer. from e dae we started plannin u were e one helpin us check on e bbq pit & all, creating for us e guest list, plannin for us wat to order, gettin ur mum to cooked for us. reali, thank u so much.

n to hubby, i juz cant thank u enuf. u were reali a great help yest. from helpin wif e set-up, bbq-ing all e wae til midnyt, taking care of e foods & drinks, helping to collect e cake and helpin to clear everytin diz mrn. thank u for mekin my 21st bdae e bez ever. luv u so much!

Last but not least, a very big thank u to all from us both!!

zur[A]dam ; Aniq Nufael