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Wednesday, January 28, 2009 11:35 PM


Here's wishing both of u happiness till eternity. may ur life b filled wif luv & joy thruout. we luv u, all of us.. =)


After much tot (n time constraint), i finally decided to just get for dem a cake. after werk rushed to emicakes & got a choc cake for dem. got back hm waited til everyone got dressed before letting dem cut e cake. sound simple but well, i cud c dey r heppy. *smile*

We den went for dinner at Al-Ameen. 1st tym goin der, not bad, food quite nice as well. i had 3 roti nan, yum2. we ate quite a lot, but yeah, some not finished so packed hm. hehh. we went to courts next to buy sum stuff before heading back hm.

It was a simple & short outin but basically diz is what helps to stregthen e bond in our family. i may not sae diz often but yes, i do luv dem. =)

2:42 PM

What a dread to get up from bed diz mrn after a long break. how i wish i cud juz cont slipin together wif hubby & lil' boi. oh speaking abt lil' boi, dat fatty is super cute can early mrn?? he woke up at 5pluz askin for milk afterwhich wen he's done, he actualy asked me diz;

"mama, aniq tk mkn obat?"

i was lyk, huh tk paya la pagi nnt bleh. after a while i touched his body it was still warm. so i tot, ok la juz give him his medicine. i went to get his medicine & woke him up. n immediately he sat down & said, "ok aniq mkn obat!"


never in my life i saw kids so heppy wana eat medicines, esp at 5am?? hehh. but good la, unlike other kids atlez i dun have to force him to take medicines. diz mrn wen i woke up for werk he's sweating, which is a good ting. seriously, i wud wana stay at hm to look after him. but well, wat to do. itz ok la, atlez hubby is home to look after him since he's on 3 daes MC.

3.5 hrs more to go before knock off tym, faster la!! niwae, todae is PIL 25th wedding anniversary. what should i get for them?? any idea?? help!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 9:17 PM

Last nyt i didnt managed to slip much as lil' boi kip waking up every hr. n diz mrn tingz juz had to get worst wen hubby's body was burnin hot & cuden get up. no choice, had to call for an ambulance to take him to e hosp. it was 7am den, me & lil' boi quickly got dressed to accompany hubby. ambulance arrived 15mins later & off we went to TTSH. me & lil' boi waited for almoz 3hrs while hubby was put under observation. i was nearly closed to breaking down as lil' boi was bein cranky all e wae. lucky i managed to hold back.

By 10pluz hubby finally was given e green light to go as his temp has went down. oh, his temp was 39.9C wen he first got der, scare e shit out of me. since lil' boi was stil runnin a high fever, we brought him to KKH next. we were given e priority as his temp was 39.5C, anoder shock for me. dey took his blood test & we had to wait 1hr for e result. both lil' boi & hubby fell aslip on my lap while waitin. pity dem.

Soon we were called to c e doc again & she mentioned it was notin serious, juz sum virus infection. was given e medicines & off we went home. back hm both hubby & lil' boi had deir medicines & all 3 of us fell aslip den. woke up at 4pluz & forced lil' boi to eat sumtin as he didnt ate anitin thruout e dae. gave him his medicine again & thank god, he's gettin a bit better.

N now gues wt? itz my turn havin fever, gosh. juz hope i'll fil better tomoro. ok now, gona go entertain both e husband & son. wish us a speedy recovery ya? dhaa!

Monday, January 26, 2009 11:05 PM

Both hubby & lil' boi is down wif fever, high fever to b precise. hubby was oredi havin fever since last nyt n diz mrn he stil went to werk as derz no one to cover him. got back at 5pluz & he slept all e wae til now. he did wake up in between to have a quick meal & ate his medicines. as for lil' boi he was actuali fine e whole dae except for his cough. however earlier he was kissin & huggin hubby n i guess datz how his fever came along.

Lil' boi fell aslip as early as 930pm as he was being cranky all along. gave his medicines & milk n off he went to slip. however he kips waking up crying, diz is oredi e 3rd tym. oh well, get well soon ya u both. hopefully we can go out tomoro aitt? luv u both!

Sunday, January 25, 2009 11:06 PM

As u can c from e pic above, ive finally rebonded my hair! remember in 1 of my previous post i eva mentioned abt how im missin my short hair & is iritated abt my long hair? well now can i take back doz werds? coz after rebondin, i super luv my hair! n oh, i didnt realized my hair was diz long. ok itz not reali long la, but diz is e longest after 3 yrs ok! never mind e fact dat i noe my hair gona turn wavy again in 2 mths tym perhaps, wt matter is im luvin it e wae it is now. weeeee~

Aniwaes, hubby was supposed to werk e whole dae todae but he gave his mrn shift to his fren as he was tired from e OT last nyt. n later while he was doin his afternoon shift, he called me sayin dat he's givin awae his afternoon shift to his fren as well coz he's runnin a fever. his temp was reali high earlier. however despite havin high fever, he suddenly said he wana go have ice-cream at gelare. i was surprised coz usualy wen he's sick, he wud wana do noting but juz lay in bed. but since he's e 1 who wanted it, of coz i wud b more den heppy to go! haha

Ajan followed as well since he's alone at hm. we went public since aya was usin e car. cabbed down to siglap road but guez wat? gelare was closed. damnnnnn. n so we went to tampines mall instead to have pizza hut. can i sae dat thruout my countless tyms dining at pizza hut, todae gotta b e worst experience eva! ok mayb dey were reali bz coz it was full house earlier but stil, deir service reali suckz! 1st of all, e fries which we order didnt came & den after servin us e pizza, dey didnt gave us any plates. worst still, we had to asked thrice before dey finally gave us e plates. gosh how terrible is dat! e most sickening part was, it wazen crowded animore wen we were halfwae dining. moz of e tables were oredi empty. n dey had abt 10 staffs werkin for goodness sake, but stil deir service sucks big tym! i swear dat wil b e last time i have pizza at TM. period!

Since most shops were closed, we decided to head home strait after eatin. cabbed back home & reached at 10pm. lil' boi went to bed strait after washin up as he didnt had his afternoon nap again todae. im glad derz stil 2 more off daes, am reali tired. n btw, im sure mon & tues wil b a ghost town outside. let's c how e daes goes. have a great holidae ppl!

Saturday, January 24, 2009 11:50 PM

Yest nyt was bored derfore decided to follow hubby to werk. since we were at hougang i texted lily to ask if she was home. a good ting she was & so we met up for a while. i swear i miz her alot! last tym we met was what, 7 mths ago?! gosh realiii long la ok. we had a quick catch up & soon her bf arrived & so we left as well. accompanied hubby to mit his frens nearby & later home swit home at 1am.

Diz mrn as mentioned we had planned to go wild2 wet. initial plan was to go at 10am but gues wat, we woke up at 10am itself! haha. did e laundry & cooking 1st before goin out at 1pm instead. hubby had to helped his fren attend a urgent call at pungol derfore we accompanied him for a while. oh btw, ajan & hilmi tagged along as well. e more e merrier. we waited for hubby for reali long lor. guez wat tym he ended? 330pm la ok! ish. we finally reached www at 4pm. spent 2.5hrs in der & finally got off at 630pm. we sure had fun! changed & had dinner at BK before goin back home.

Hubby had to help his fren again & i followed, again. went to his office to take sum stuffs & later while he was helpin his fren at pungol, me & lil' boi went to my sis's houz at sk since my parents are der. reali miz e kids. stayed for about an hr & later met lela for a while since she's stayin nearby. now datz anoder babe dat im missin alot. mysuperbusynakmampozfren. hahahaha! chatted for a while & soon hubby came to fetched us. sent her to fahez's houz before goin back home. lil' boi slept in e car otw back home. he sure was very tired, furthermore he didnt had his usual afternoon nap for todae. hopefully he's gona wake up late tomoro. hehe.

Ok now gona go join hubby play ps3. pixies tym!

Friday, January 23, 2009 11:24 AM


He's all grown up now. at tyms i wished he was stil mths old, just learnin how to crawl & all. but at e same tym, of coz im glad to c him growing bigger & bigger each mth. learning new tings every now & den. observant, fast learner, chirpy, hyper-active, talkative & e list goes on...

Almost 3 yrs into motherhood, i would sae i still have a long wae to go. at tyms i admit, im not a good mummy to my precious son. der's tym wen i'll lose my temper at him wen he had done noting wrong at all. itz juz me, my temper which i owaes have difficulty in holding back.

Warez for hubby, he is e total opposite of me. he is so0o0o patient wif lil' boi. itz very hard to see him raise his voice at lil' boi, let alone puttin his hands on him. i'll b e 1 shouting & hubby, talking nicely to lil' boi. shud b e oder wae round hor, haha. but really, im proud to see hubby being such a good daddy to my son, our son.

So to u lil' boi, we juz hope u won't grow up to do tings to dissapoint us in future. wtvea it is do remember dat, u are & wil owaes be our precious... we luv u!

Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:38 PM

I miss havin short hair, ware i don't have to worry abt it being messy coz itz easy to maintain. n sumhow i tink short hair suits me better. but too bad, hubby don't share e same sentiment lyk i do. he prefer me havin long hair. not that i don't want to, itz just that my hair is naturally wavy. n i super hate that lor. even if i rebond, it takes just 2 months for it to turn wavy again. just lyk now, my hair is gettin longer & i have to tie it up everydae. else, i'll look lyk a lioness on e loose. bleargh!

That aside, did u all watched e last episode of Satu Famili earlier? wahh super emotional la e last part, i almost cried. hehh. imagine racing for these few weeks & finally cumin in 1st & winning 10K. super syiok or wat. n im sure that e race which dey had helps to strengthen deir bond. how i wish me & my siblings shared close bond together. idk what it happening to us siblings. dekni ngan dektu tk bobal, dektu ngan dektu tk bertegur sape. hmm dun wana talk abt diz la. haizz

On a totally diff note, just randomly, i wana thank hubby for bein e best hubby to me all diz while. he seriously has alot of patient in him, puttin up wif my nonsense every dae. i'll have to constantly remind myself to control my temper coz i tend to flare up easily, even wen he's bein e nicest & switest. but of coz, to have him not blasting at me is good enuff, i shud b thankful for dat. coz once he start, i'll die. haha. so yeah, i better learn how to appreciate him more.

To u hubby, i hope u wun eva give up on me. i noe i have a serious bad habit which i need to throw aside. trust me, im tryin & wil kip on tryin. i juz wan u to continue bein e best, coz i cud never ask for more. i wish US happiness til eternity. ily by...

8:17 PM

Can sumbody help me to transform lil' boi back to diz stage plz?!! i miz him bein DAT small & fat & teethless & decent & adorable!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009 2:30 PM

Todae is wednesday blue for me. never heard it before? now u do! grrr. im juz so bloody pissed off coz my comp cant be switched on. it kip prompting e error "windows cannot start coz sum files is corrupted.." sumtin lyk dat la. super iritatin can. lucky in e mrn i had sum patching to do so atlez i dun need to use e comp. n even now, my partner is out for lunch derfore im usin his desktop for a while. but he's cumin back soon, wat m i gona do den? my OM said she wil mayb help to re-format my comp, but ting is, if dey do dat i'll lose all my files coz it's saved at my desktop!!! arrrrghhh stress!!!!!!

*breathe in breathe out*

Ok now chill zura, der will surely b a way to retrieve it back....i hope! well aniwaes, itz finally mid week now. 2 more daes to e weekend followed by 2 daes of PH. ahhh cant wait cant wait. sat gona go wild2 wet since dat fat boi of ours haven been der. n e rest of e daes, idk. mayb wil juz laze ard at home. lyn & fira, any plans? juz beep me if u do aitt.

Was reading yaya's blog earlier abt her fren who passed awae yest coz of bike accident. i suddenly got reminded of hubby's accident last year. reali scary lor. even up til now i fil lyk tellin him not to ride animore, esp wif e wae he ride e bike. but as what yaya said, klau da ajal tk ke mane. tgh tido klau Tuhan nk amek nyawe kite pon die amek. but yala, stil i tink itz only norm for us gerlz to fil paranoid over diz. afterall, shud anitin happen we wil b e 1 sufferin ok. haizz.

Well not in a reali good mood to cont now. til my next update den. bye!

Monday, January 19, 2009 10:03 AM

Weekend was great, quality tym spent wif e family. sat was out for shopping part 1 & yest, shopping part 2. hehe. we went out ard 4pm & off to queensway as e hubby wana look for shoes. walked ard e whole mall & he finally decided on a Nike shoe, whereas i got myself a Adidas sandal & a pair or Nike sandal for lil' boi. left e super crowded place & off to Forum next.

We went to toyrus for lil' boi to run ard, which he reali did of coz! was havin a hard tym chasing after him ok. cekik darah tu anak! bought for him a few tings before mekin a move. next was to abg nani's son bdae at kak maria's houz. it was a simple doa selamat in e afternoon followed by a feast. we reached ard 8pluz & stayed til 9pluz before sending wak ijah & wak malik home before heading home for ourselves.

Back at hm i was in a very good mood so decided to clean up my room. by 10pluz was simply too tired i was off to slip wif lil' boi. diz mrn was almost late agn. a gd ting hubby sent me to werk else i'll have to waste my money on cab fare agn, bleargh.

Well so far e mrn has been ok, hopefully no monday blues for me. enjoy e week ppl!

Saturday, January 17, 2009 11:29 PM

Yest we finally made our virgin trip to Marina Barrage. we as in, me hubby lil' boi fira lyn & rafiq. fira came over my blk 1st at ard 9pm afterwhich we went to Makansutra at Esplanade to mit e couple der. had our late dinner before mekin our wae to marina barrage, ware we reached at ard 12pluz. lyn & rafiq didnt stay for long as dey need to rushed off derfore it was juz e 4 of us who remain. too bad didnt managed to even snap a pic wif lyn, ish! hmm to be honest, idk y ppl kip sayin e place is nice & all coz to me, it was ok-ok. only e view was fantastic, no doubt abt dat. oder den dat, notin much. or mayb bcoz it was reali crowded laz nyt. idk. but i tink itz gona b e 1st & laz tym i go der, coz hubby reali dun lyk it at all. bleargh.

We left abt half hr later after camwhorin. next stop was to mustafa centre. walked ard aimlessly & ended up spendin $300+ der. i dun even noe wat we bought, gosh. we had supper at sakunthala before mekin our wae back hm at 3am. me hubby & lil' boi woke up at 12pm diz afternoon. super syiok.

Earlier todae we went out ard 1pluz together wif mama & ajan to geylang. had lunch & mama bought sum stuff before headin to toyogo next. later hubby sent mama & ajan home before we went off to my mum's. finally get to c baby alisha BUT she is startin to recognize ppl derfore she cried wen i was carrying her. nie tk bleh jadi, nk kene start gi sane every week! super fat la she. geram2.

We stayed til 5pm before mekin a move. went to penin & town next to do sum shoppin. by 9pluz we went off from town & bought foods from Mac before goin back hm. hubby went out again to mit his fren so here i am bloggin. lil' boi fell aslip at 10pluz, he was super tired since he didnt had his afternoon nap. i wana join him to slip but i cant. arrrgh im bored la ok bye!

Friday, January 16, 2009 9:24 AM

Yest had to OT til abt 645pm. Just as i was walkin towards the train station hubby called asking me to wait for him & lil' boi at marina sqaure as he wana shop ard der. n so while waitin for dem to reached i went to do shoulder massage. u noe, doz 10 mins for $10. ive wanted to go since idk wen but juz didnt had e tym to. i almoz fell aslip while she massaged me, super syiok la. mayb im gona go do a full body massage soon.

Hubby & lil' boi reached 15mins later. n so we walked ard e mall before dining in at Gelare. by 10pluz we decided to make a move since my feets were already killing me. back at hm hubby strait awae started playin his new PS3 which he juz purchased yest. menyampah! he was totally engrossed wif it lor, playing til wt, 2am?! gosh.

Diz mrn i overslept agn, woke up at 730am & quickly rush. by e tym i got ready it was oredi 8am so no choice had to cabbed to werk. itz finally fri, so0o xcited. hubby wun be werkin diz weekend, i loike. gona go over my mum's place tomoro. im missin baby alisha so0o0 freakin much! e oder dae while i was otp wif my mum, i heard her baby voices at e background. super cute la can! cant wait, cant wait.

Ok now, gona get my ass to werk. TGIF ppl!

Hubby bought for me diz from Esprit yest. im luvin it!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009 11:27 PM

Ahh...finally im gona upload e makeover pixies. believe it or not, i actualy went to scan it at a shop ok. what to do, scanner at hm not werkin. niwae derz only a few, e rest is wif nana. derfore njoy diz few ok!

oh btw, e 1st pic dey edit it to black & wyt. pandai2 je! padahal our fav tau, eh na eh?! &^%$&*

n my fav of all!!

1:07 PM

*breathe in, breathe out*


*smile from one ear to another*


Wednesday, January 14, 2009 9:10 AM

N so yest we had dinner at woodland, all thanks to me! hehe. MIL was askin ware we shud go for dinner & immediately i said woodland. hubby was so bad lor, signaling to MIL saying dun listen to me. but too bad, she ignored u. bluek!

We had quite a feast, we ordered lemon chicken, ginger beef, omelete, kangkong & 3 flavoured fish. yum2, tinkin abt it is mekin me hungry all over again. after dinner went to sheng shiong for sum grocery shopping before heading back home. by e tym we reached it was oredi 1030pm. super tired me. managed to slip only at 12pluz. lucky i didnt overslept agn diz mrn else im gona b dead since my partner is on 3 daes leave.

Well my mind is blank for now. wil update agn pretty soon aitt. tc all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 5:07 PM

I am down with fever....again! how great can dat be. I was fine yesterday but suddenly todae it came back, must have got it from hubby. thnx eh by! i cant take it lei, am filin cold lyk as if im in snow city! i reali cant afford to b sick, cant afford to take MC. god plz help me!!

On another note, i am seriously gaining weight. i am eating as & when i lyk, even at 1am in e mrn. worst ting is, i cant stop eatin all doz junk foods n oh, coke. gosh, my fridge at hm is full of cokes la ok. tel me how not to drink dem daily? wahh if i reali do bcum lyk manja lara abessssss. haha ok im crappin. =P

PIL not werkin tonyt, hopefully they gonna go have dinner at woodlands. im sick eatin at adam rd agn. counting down to knock off tym, 1 more hr to go. weeeeeeeeee~

Monday, January 12, 2009 11:44 PM

Fira came to have lunch wif me earlier todae. lyn was supposed to tag along as well but last min she cuden mek it so it was just e 2 of us. we had subway, yum2, been a while since i last ate dat (ok bedek, padahal last week aru mkn, haha). oh well, i just cant get enuff of it. superdelicious!

After eatin we went to sit near e fountain of wealth & of coz, started flickin awae. it den got a lil' bit too hot so we went off to sit at e building of my office instead, which eventually got so cold. grrr. chi-chat wif her til 1pm before separating ways. she was supposed to cum & fetched me after werk as well, but by 4pluz she cuden take e sleepiness thus decided to slip instead. haha. itz ok, i undastan.

After werk went to mit nana at ct hall station to collect sum stuff from her. we didnt stayed long doh, chat for a while before mekin a move. back at hm watched Twilight since e rest were watching it hafwae. i dun quite understan e show actuali, hehe. nvm, wil watch agn soon. oh btw, hubby is still not well. he was on MC todae, stil havin fever & super bad cough. just hope he will get better soon. *hugs*

Notin much to sae now, til my next update den. dhaa!

Fira & lyn, i noe u both r goin thru a hard tym now. however, i just want u both to b strong ok. no one in diz world is spared from problems, no matter from what aspect. itz just how we overcome it, dun let ur emotions control u. i noe at tyms u can sae, itz easier said den done, true. ive been in both ur situation before & no doubt, i never used to take it easy as well. but datz e ting, itz bcoz ive been thru it & made mistakes, is e reason y i dun wan u both to repeat e same mistakes i did.

Remember, all diz r juz challenges from HIM. if we cant overcome these challenge, how are we gona face bigger challenges in future? for whatever HE put thru, HE sure have greater tings in store for u. itz all in a matter of time. derfore i reali hope, u gerlz can pull thru every obstacles much more calmly ok. ily gerls.

zur[A]dam ; Aniq Nufael