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Monday, September 29, 2008 9:36 AM

Hubby 2 weeks leave starts todae, syiok or wt?! 2 weeks lei, i cant even take 2 daes leave. LOL! wt to do, hari raya diz yr had to fall on mth end, which is e super bz period for us wif e move-in/move-out of clients. so yeah, i can only take 1 dae leave which is e dae afta raya. which means, i'll have to get my butt back to werk by fridae. booorrriiiin. but nvm, hubby had promised me to fetch me daily after werk so ok la can.

I had difficulty slipin laz nyt. i managed to slip onli at 3am. i guez prolly itz bcoz i had slept earlier yest afternoon from 2pm to 530pm together wif lil' boi so wen nyt tym came, i wazen slipy at all! aniwaes, i managed to cleaned up my room yest. spent an hr pluz moving e furnitures & vacummin etc. lei pengsan tolak almari tau! was sweatin lyk a pig sia. LOL! but well, im heppy wif e result. much more neater compared to e room before. hehh

We were supposed to bring our boi go swimmin yest but it started drizzlin in e afternoon so gotta cancelled e plan, lyk agn. guez we'll juz have to wait til after raya. we decided to make a trip to mustafa ard 9pluz afta aya came back. surprisinly, it wazen dat crowded laz nyt, which is a gd ting coz i juz hate to walk ard crowded area. we bought a few stuffs der & later by 11pm we were oredi on e wae back hm.

After puttin lil' boi to slip i got hubby to hilight my hair. diz tym round, he bleach it for me before addin red to it. n walah! e colour came out juz nice. haha. it was actuali a bit too strikin for me but afta puttin a bit of hair spray, itz not dat obvious for werk. hehh. im stil tinkin whether i shud cut my fringe. nvm, i stil have todae & tomoro left before mekin my decision. hohoho

Geylang trip agn tonyt for sum laz min shoppin. anyone who wana tag along better sae it fast, jgn tgu aku da alek aru nk blg ok?heheheh. ok den, have a great week ahead ppl!

Saturday, September 27, 2008 11:45 PM

Im very dissapointed todae. went to do my dye & hilight earlier but sadly, it didnt turn out e wae i wanted it. i had wanted black as my base colour wif red hilights BUT e red didnt came out. it was more lyk orange. n worst stil, only e front part can b seen, e rest of e hair is totaly black! sux ryt, but wt to do. my hair is juz so stubborn! nana had agreed to help me hilight agn tomoro. juz hope diz tym round, e colour will appear!

I gues becoz of diz, my mood for todae was kinda bad, been moody. i decided to go central wif lil' boi earlier afta buka to walked ard. ended up buyin lens & sum oder stuffs. nana den called askin me to mit her at brad mac. n so went to mit her & lyn der. tara was ard as well. gettin fatter sia! juz lyk e bf, my babyboi. hahahaha. we chilled til 11pm before i made a move 1st since it was kinda late & besides, im havin a bad headache. i reali nid more slip i guez.

Tomoro wil spend e dae at hm doin cleanin. bliv it or not, i stil haven clean my room! so yeah, wil get it done tomoro. n oh, lil' boi made hubby promised bringin him go swimmin tomoro. hehe. nt forgettin, gona get my hilight done!

Ok now, off to bed. 4 more daes to raya babey!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008 9:36 AM

Gd mrn sunshine! urs truly here is in a gd mood todae, n im sure u noe y ryt....pae in babey! hahakz. n diz mth's pae sure puas ati, tk sia2 aku buat2 OT noh. LOL! ryt nw my hand is reali itchin to shop. geylang tonyt baby, anyone wana tag along?!

Btw im so sad, wana noe y? ive been keepin my nails long so dat i can do manicure next week but now 1 of my nail broke. iriratin lor. how eh how eh. shud i juz cut all or juz let it b? but if i let it b den funny lei, all long den 1 short. grrrr!

1 more dae before e weekend is here. i cant wait for sat, gona go get my hair done. juz hope it'll turn out e wae i want it. nvm wil c hw la. ok2 i gota go nw. mind kinda blank nw. til my next update den, dhaa!

Ps: tk sangke kau tu byk imaginasi eh. kurang kasih syg ke? hehe. tapi tkpe, mcm bez tau tgk kau tu mcm syiok sendiri la senang ckp. mmg patot di buat bahan kekek! LOL! letz c, sape yg slalu jelez nie.. mate merah nmpk? no? y else wud u make a entry after everytin i blog abt. my oh my, u r eatin back on ur werds dun u realized? haha. tapi tkpe, aku suke tgk kebodohan kau tu. hehe. and3, aku tgh tgu 1 ari kau brani sebut name aku ok? LOL!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 12:00 PM

As usual on every 23rd, our precious turns a mth older. juz lyk todae, he turned 2 yrs 3 mths. maken besar maken nakal maken bijak! hehh

On a totally diff note, ive been slipin alot lately. juz lyk yest, i slept at 9pm! super early kn i noe. i was juz so freakin tired yest since e dae before i slept at 2am. thnx to hubby la, chet. so yest since hubby was werkin e nyt shift, i decided to turn in early together wif my precious. i woke up at 7am diz mrn tinkin i'll b energetic since i had lyk, 10 hrs of slip. but i was wrg! it sumhw made me more lethargic. bleargh!

Raya is juz ard e corner, 8 more daes to b precise. n guez wt, we stil have lotsa tingz to buy! itz gonna b a laz min shoppin for us since both our pae wil b in onli this thurs. but itz ok, i kinda lyk doin laz min shoppin, wun b so fickle minded den. hehh. wteva it is, im so lookin forward to raya diz yr. mayb coz ive been fastin all diz while so sumhw, semangat tu ade. LOL!

Monday, September 22, 2008 11:29 AM

For young married ladies lyk me, i bliv we share e same fear. n dat is, fear of our hubby cheatin on us. now dun get me wrong, not dat my hubby is doin so. i bliv dat dae wil neva cum. y i sae so? coz i blived he had his share of fun wif oder gerls before we got married. yes, he was a playboi back den. sumtin dat me & my frens who knew him find it hard to blived. but heck, he was one & i cant deny dat. however im glad at e end of e dae, he had choosen me to b his life companion.

After marriage, of coz i did had doubts in him for e 1st few mths. afterall, i used to have diz tinkin, a leopard wil neva change its spots. but well, he sure did proved me wrong. he managed to changed right after marriage. neva once had i caught him cheatin on me, no matter hw hard i tried. ahakz. as sum ppl myt sae, sblom kawen klau da byk pompan, lepas kawen setia pade satu. i gues my hubby hold on to dat sayin huh. LOL!

But well, sumtymz itz hard to sae dun u tink so? nw, we can NEVA fully understand e mind of a men. very complicated noh! i guez it all depends on each individual. not that im sayin, itz ok for guys to stray ard durin marriage. however i bliv, if a men do so, it sumhw gotta have sumtin to do wif us ladies too dun u tink so? lyk u noe, e wife naggin too much, e wife dun understand e hubby, e wife dun trust e hubby, so on & so forth. but agn, itz hard to sae. at tyms even wen e wife is oh-so-perfect, faithful, understandin, bla3, e hubby stil strays ard. so u tel me, how can we ever undastan e mind of a man?! tsk.

Ryt nw, a fren of mine is actuali goin thru diz dilemma. her hubby cheatin on her, dat is. as a fren, of coz i do wana help. esp since she had cum to me personally askin for help. ting is, hw? i dun wana sae e wrg tings & later get e blame. on anoder note, i dun reali noe e ful story so i cant sae much can i. but wel, accordin to wt she told me, her hubby has been goin out wif a gerl for a while now. n she found out after readin a sms sent by dat gerl to her hubby. n so a fon call was made to dat gerl & tadaaaa, all out babey.

U noe, if itz juz a gf/bf r'ship, i'll juz simply tel her, juz break up. but nw, since she's in a marriage, i cant juz tel her to divorce her hubby ryt. datz y i said, i dono how to help! grrrr. but well, ive told her to b patient. i guez, datz all i can sae. of coz, wteva decision she wana make is solely up to her. im juz prayin for e bez.

As for me, im thankful dat my hubby had been devoted to me all diz while. n ya, doh sum ppl wil sae, dun b too over confident, sedia kn payong sblom ujan. stil to me, wtz e point of gettin married if u r sort of lyk prepared for divorce in future true? i mean, we shuden even tink bout divorce. instead, we shud kip tryin hard to maintain our marriage. yes, itz easier said den done. but Insyallah, wif both party playin deir part, notin is impossible.

Oh wel, gues im blabberin too much here. im juz sharin my tots. doz who dun agree wif me, datz ur prob ok? have a heppy week ahead ppl!

Saturday, September 20, 2008 11:54 PM

As planned, went to geylang earlier todae to break fast wif nana, nini, yana & yaya. we met closed to 6pm & walked over to Kg Melayu. tot of breakin fast at Zain Cafe but as expected, it was full house. n so we walked all e wae til haig rd & lucky us managed to get a table der. later while we were breakin fast, syasya came along wif her son, so big nw.

After our meals we den walked back to Kg Melayu to accompany yaya find her raya clothes. lucky she's not so fickled minded thus she bought e 1st pair she tried on. hehh. afta dat we den walked to singpost as she wanted to find her bf clothes there afterwhich we sat ard der juz chillin til 11pm.

Hubby came to fetched me & e gerls made deir wae hm as well. it was indeed a great dae spent wif dem, next outin raya k babes. i'll tink of a date aitt. k nw im gona go get to slip, freakin tired. i'll let e pixies end this entry. dhaa!

Friday, September 19, 2008 4:55 PM

I luv talkin to lil' boi on e fon, it juz makes me smile thruout. coz nw he undastan & wil ans every single qns i asked. juz lyk our fon convo earlier;

me: hello aniq!

aniq: hello mama

me: aniq buat ape?

aniq: tv

me: da mamam?

aniq: da

me: mamam ape?

aniq: nasi

me: ohh...sdap?

aniq: sdap...

me: sape suap?

aniq: nenek nenek

me: beh aniq notty tk?

aniq: notty!

me: ish ape la aniq..kate nk jadi gd boi..

aniq: aniq gd boi

me: k la aniq nnt mama alek k.. aniq wait tau

aniq: k bye

even doh he'll ans 1 werd 1 werd, stil better den not talkin kn..hehh.. k nw im mizin him!

Thursday, September 18, 2008 9:04 PM

I guess off all e tyms ive fallen sick, diz tym itz e worst lor. 1st it started wif e flu, den fever & headache, n nw, vomiting! aduii. n im vomiting gastric juice everytym. i bliv itz bcoz i haven eaten much since tues. on tues i onli ate 1 keropok lekor & 1 fishball, den yest for e whole dae i onli ate 1 watermelon & 1 pineapple. n todae, no matter hw hungry i m, i juz cant seem to swallow anitiN! tried to eat nasi ayam & ikan bakar but ended up throwin all up. my throat seriously fils so sucky lor. i reali dono y itz so terrible diz tym round. i juz hope i'll get well soon. i reali cant tek diz animore... =(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 10:58 PM

I woke up wif flu yesterdae. thinking itz juz my normal sighness, i juz made my wae to werk. but as e dae passed by, i started to develop fever & terrible headache. i tried to endure it since i didnt wana take half dae, besides one of my colleague had oredi took half dae as she's unwell as well. n despite my sickness, i still continued to fast. besides, i feel i still could take it so y wez it true?

Ard 5pluz i went to c my OM tellin her im havin a fever & just in case i cuden take it i'll need to take MC todae. she actuali told me to go hm but since it was oredi 5pm i decided to stay til end of e dae. i then called aya askin him to fetched me back since hubby had to do OT. my headache was seriously so bad i fil lyk fainting anytym! durin breakin fast, i only ate 1 keropok lekor & 1 fishball coz i juz had no apetite to eat. besides i was havin a very big ulcer in my mouth u c.

As e nyt goes by, my fever was gettin worst. i msged my OM tellin her i wun be able to mek it to werk todae. i woke up at 8am & later at 9am i slept agn all e wae till 1pm, leavin lil' boi wif mama. i was juz to weak to even get up. ard 1pluz hubby msged me askin me to get ready as he's bringin me to c a doc. n so i did, n got a 2dae MC as my fever was kinda high, 38.2 seh. haizz. hubby went back to werk after that so i juz spent e rest of e dae restin at hm.

Right nw my fever had subside, but my headache is stil killin me. n i reali dono if i shud go to werk tomoro. i noe im stil covered under MC, but they r lackin of staffs nw as 1 of e senior had resigned. hmm well wil c hw la eh. i'll try my very best to come to werk, but if i reali cant, i juz hope dey'll undastan. =[

Ok nw, gonna go eat my medicine & off to bed. my head reali fils lyk breakin! arrrgh!

Monday, September 15, 2008 11:04 PM


It's been 6yrs since we first knew each oder, 5yrs since we 1st got together & nw, 3 yrs since we got married. I never once regret havin u as my life companion. u taught me so much in life, n u r owaes der wen i needed u most. doh i muz admit, wenever we quarrel i'll sumtyms sae to myself mayb im juz livin in DENIAL. but at e end of e dae, i noe dat itz juz sumtin i sae out of anger. i can never bring myself to hate u. n no matter hw hard i try to hide my filins, itz so clear dat u r e onli 1 i luv....

N i reali luv ur ans to my qn laz nyt wen i sae;

"da 3 tahon eh by kite kawen..."

n u replied, "sae diz agn in 30yrs tym.."

I luv u Adam Firdaus.


N so we decided to spend diz special dae of ours by spendin quality tym together. our destination? SENTOSA! it was my idea actuali. since itz been quite a long tym since we laz went sentosa, i thought it wud b great to explore e place juz e 2 of us. besides to b reali honest, im a virgin to most of e places in sentosa lyk 4D magix, luge & skyride, sky tower etc. yeah2 call me jakon or ketingalan zaman, i was never a huge fan of goin to all diz places in e past. =P

We set off at 1pm & biked down to vivo. parked e bike der & proceed to purchase e package tickets & took e train. We went to The Merlion 1st, followed by Images of S'pore, Sky Tower, Luge & Skyride n lastly, 4D Magix. n my fav? gotta be e luge ride of coz! doh it was a short ride, i reali njoyed it so much! n e skyride was kinda romantic, juz dat it was freakin hot so we were lyk sweatin up der. hehh.

By e tym e 4D Magix ended, it was oredi 530pm. n so we decided to make our wae back hm since our legs cuden tek a walkin animore. haha. at e end of it all, we sure did njoyed ourselves. doh it was a simple outin, sumhw it helped to strengthen our bond as thruout e whole outin, it's filled wif notin but jokes & laughter.

Once agn by, heppy anniversary & thank u for e gift! i reali lyk it.. =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008 11:46 PM

N so we finally made our 1st trip to geylang todae. went to joo chiat to get my clothes dat is ready for collection. before dat mit up wif yaya for a while as she's passin me her adidas watch which she sold to my bro. jelez noh! haha. but wel, my bro asked her 1st so yeah, he got it. nvm, 1 fine dae i'll get it in wyt & gold. hmmph!

We walked ard e bazaar for a while & saw nana in der. talk for a while & since it was too crowded we parted waes. bought dendeng & decided to proceed back hm. besides, lil' boi was havin a fever thus he wazen reali in a gd mood. reached hm ard 11pm & lil' boi strait awae went to slip. pity him. hopefully he wil get well soon.

Atlaz i can start to fast agn tomoro. gonna go break fast at my mum's place. baby alisha wil b der so im excited! til my next update den...dhaa!

Ps: lyn, tgk la.. kau aja anak aku buat nie handsign skrg everytm nk amek gamba die buat.. u shud c e wae he did it. exactly e wae u taught him. LOL!

Friday, September 12, 2008 11:56 PM

Just got home from mustafa wif lil' boi & lyn. met her ard 830pm at braddell & took e train to farrer park. walked all e wae to mustafa, lucky didnt got lost. upon reachin walk ard & end up walkin out buyin a hair dye for hubby. haha. gi jaoh2 li hair dye eh. but den, diz brand is kinda rare to find in oder store outsyd. so yeah, kind worth e trip la kn. hehh.

Lyn was so kemarok wana eat roti nan n so we went to sakunthala to get some for her. we tried gettin a cab from der but it was freakin hard lor. we ended up walkin to i-dono-ware before finally gettin a cab after half an hr i gues. lil' boi fell aslip in e cab. was juz too tired i guez. i almoz fainted carryin lil' boi who was slipin on me. phew!

Am nw waitin for hubby to reached home. had told him to get for me sumtin to eat. very hungry lei. oh wait, i hear his bike. k la gtg nw. dhaa!

9:44 AM

Everytym i luk at this video i will surely laugh. reali cant stand that fat boi. that is his fav song now. every nw & then will ask us to play "jet2 semot" wif him. LOL!

Well3, itz finally fridae! been waitin for this dae coz e weekend is here. n i'll b havin a long weekend as on mon, i'll b on leave. im actuali taking my off-in-lieu for national dae. so yeah, reali2 cant wait for mondae. hopefully all will go as plan. =)

Aniwae, i came in a bit late todae as i had to go for my mthly jab diz mrn. i actuali forgotten abt it & todae was e last dae so laz nyt msged my OM tellin her i'll b cumin in ard 10am. while i was walkin to e clinic, hubby called askin ware i am. n 15mins later, i saw him waitin for me outside e clinic wif an xtra helmet. nw datz a surprise. haha. since he was werkin midnyt shift yest he got e dae off for todae. n so he sent me to werk & i reached at 9am instead of 10am. hubby went to attend botak court's hearing after sendin me. juz hope everytin wil b fine.

Ok nw, tym to get bz at werk. Have a great weekend u all! i noe i will.... ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008 8:55 AM


N so u turn a yr older agn. so old yet so small. hehe. well babe, i hope u'll have a wonderful bdae diz yr. n im sure u will since diz yr, u have ur precious baby boi together wif u. of coz, in yrs to cum as well. u noe babe, i reali tink itz abt tym u find a companion in life. doh i noe, u ever told me da serek ngan lelaki. but trust me, not all guys r fucked up. der r few gd guys out der. afterall, ur babyboi do nid a father's love. but i noe, all diz r ur own decision, i cant force u. juz dat, i reali hope to c u find sumone & settle down soon. =)

For now, i'll juz wish u all e bez in life. may u get a job soon aitt. dun rush, find a job u reali lyk so dat history wun repeat itself. n ya, ive said diz lotsa tyms but i'll juz sae it agn. shud u nid anyone to pour ur filins out, im juz a fon kol awae aitt. ILY!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 10:09 PM

Earlier ard 8pluz we went to KKH to visit my sis who had given birth to her 2nd child laz mondae. she's reali lucky to be blessed wif a baby gerl diz tym round. so as she said, "factory da tutop". hehh. she had wanted to deliver normally since her 1st birth was c-sect, but bcoz she had fever durin labour & was kinda weak, she had to go for c-sect agn. well, wt matter is both daughter & mum is safe & healthy.

I was very xcited to c e baby gerl since she's my 1st ever niece! my parent's 1st ever grandaughter after havin 6 grandsons. n for e 1st tym ever, hubby told me,

"klau kite dpt gerl e next tym bez eh. 1 boi 1 gerl"

hmm n i thought u didnt wana have a baby gerl......... *smile*

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 11:15 AM


Finally u hit e big 2 in front. i can stil rmb e 1st tym we knew each oder, u were only 12 den. stil wif dat curly2 hair of urs. hehh. n nw, luk at hw pretty u hv grown over e yrs. im reali glad even afta 8 yrs, our frenship is stil standin strong. yes, we may no longer be as close as we were previously. rmb doz tyms we kip goin to e-zone? n e "jom gi kedai" moments. also e must-take-neoprints moments. haha. i guez we met almoz everydae huh laz tym! gosh doz were e daes. i reali2 do miz doz moments.

For nw, i juz wish u success in ur life. as u told me before, do wt u nid to achieve wt u want in life. n if eva u nid a listenin ear, u noe hw to get me ya. luv u!

Sunday, September 7, 2008 11:31 PM

Itz only e 2nd week of puase & my red lyt is here. im xpectin it to cum durin e 3rd week lor. aiya. hopefully it wil end soon. i seriously hope to fast for 3 weeks atlez. dono y im in e semangat mood diz yr. hehh

So aniwae, weekend has cum to an end. hw did we spend e weekend diz week? yest ard 4pluz e whole family minus hubby went to KTM to buy food for breakin fast. nw one ting bout our family, durin break fast mama seldom cook. usualy we'll eat juz sumtin light. itz durin sahur ware we'll usualy have a feast. ok sidetrack, back to e story. so after buyin e food we den headed back hm. ard 5pluz nana & son came over to my houz. been a while since i laz mit her & dani. managed to catch up for a while. ard 6pluz got hubby to sent her home. later at nyt hubby went to help his fren who's stuck at werk thus i brought lil' boi to lyn hous. juz as we reached it started to rain. lucky us. stayed til 10pluz before tekin a cab back hm. hubby reached hm ard 12am & we both watched tv all e wae til 3pluz. we slept only at 4am after havin our sahur.

While todae we break fast outsyd. went to KTM agn. lucky it wazen dat packed. nani & yuyun joined us as well. been so0o long since i laz saw yuyun. reali miz her lor. gettin prettier juz lyk e mummy. after eatin adeq, ajan & nani wanted to go geylang so aya sent dem before we headed back hm. me, hubby & lil' boi den went to tara bdae party. dat fatty gerl turned 1 todae. she was so cute wif dat wing behind her. hehh. lil' boi was juz super active todae. kip runnin here & der. every 10sec kip lukin for ateng. da mcm kwn noh pgl name. haha. we stayed for an hr pluz before mekin our wae back home.

Tomoro gotta do OT agn. so by 6am i have to get myself up. derfore, i tink i reali shud turn in nw. 1 more week to go. weeeeeee~

Friday, September 5, 2008 11:26 PM

Finally e much awaiting weekend is here. m seriously in need of 1. werk has been hectic for diz week. esp wif e laz min move in of a client. sumhw diz fastin period is causin me to lose my patience easliy. which i noe is nt gd since we r supposed to b patient & all. but well, sumtyms itz reali hard to control u c. juz hope i'll b able to pull thru diz mth wif more patience.

Yest durin break tym since i was reali bored i decided to drop by e fullerton office to visit reena & RJ. reali miz dem alot. managed to catch up wif each oder on our new werk life eversince we separate a mth back. i reali miz werkin wif dem. haizz.

Weekend is here. we'll prolly spend e weekend at hm doin cleanin up. hubby's down wif fever since e laz 2 daes so i doubt we'll b goin out. hmm wonder if i shud bring lil' boi go swimin. hmm but of coz i wun swim la. mayb ask hubby to accompany him in e pool while he play ard. oh wel dono la, been plannin to go but everytym cancel. -_-

Enjoy e weekend ya ppl. dun forget to fast aitt. dhaa!

Thursday, September 4, 2008 9:21 AM

Waduhhh...kaki adeq ipa aku tu batu ke besi seh?! aku terlangga kaki die smlm nari kaki aku bengkak.. sakit tau ngak!! dala keje pkai covered shoes, nk jln peret pe!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008 11:53 PM

Werkin on a fasting mth is sure testin my patience. sum of e client r juz drivin me nuts, at tyms resultin in me havin to curse under my breath. but den agn, mayb itz juz me. oh wel, bottom line is, im losin all e energy at werk. pfft.

Since mondae i've been reaching hm juz on tym for breakin fast, which is a gd ting coz i dread havin to wait. btw i realized every yr durin fastin mth i'll sure eat a lot. e oder dae aileen was askin me if i wil lose weight durin fastin mth. n i told her no, i'll gain weight instead. haha. which is true lor. haiz. i better control else im nt gonna fit into e outfit which i sent for tempah e oder tym. LOL!

U noe wt, i wana update more but im juz too tired. my eyes r oredi droopy now. furthermore i gotta do OT tomoro mrn. so yeah, im gona tuck in nw. dhaa!

Btw, take a look at diz. adeq drew it on his bedroom wall. n he did it free hand ok. im reali impressed. =)

N diz, si kecik tu konon2 nye ngah tdo kn "adeq" die. smngt u kasi bantal & puteng! haha. n he was sayin to e bear, "tutop mata". cute kn!!! hehe

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 10:48 AM

So how was e 1st dae of puasa for all of u? mine was...........slipy! haha. i slept at 1am laz sun n woke up at 430am for sahur. slept again at 530am & by 630am i had to forced myself up to werk as i was doin OT yest. so yeah, i was reali tired at werk yest wif only 4hrs of slip. durin lunch i went out for a walk but since it was rainin & freakin cold, i went back to office to rest. left e office at 615pm & reached home just nice for breakin fast.

Hubby had to do midnyt servicing laz nyt. thus ard 10pluz he went off to werk & came back ard 5am juz on tym for sahur. diz mrn i actuali had diarrhoea. shucks big tym. i was oredi up by 7am but bcoz i kip goin in & out of e toilet, i den msged my senior to let her noe i'll b abit late. apply sum medication since i cant eat any & by 830am after filin better i rushed to werk. so nw here i am in diz super cold office.

Hubby's been takin bus to werk diz past few daes since his bike is not ready yet. cute ryt, sumore he's e type dat rarely take puclic transport. but as he said, lucky he has his psp for company. hehh. he's nt werkin diz weekend so prolly i'll drag him to geylang to search for our raya clothings. stil tinkin wt colour to get.

Well i'll end here for nw. gotta get my werk done. to all, tkmo puasa yok-yok eh! =P

zur[A]dam ; Aniq Nufael